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Fake Email Account


Dear Victory,


One of our parents contacted us saying that he/she received an email from "," which contained inappropriate content. Needless to say, that email does not belong to Victory Taekwondo or Grand Master Kim.

We have reported this email account to Google and they will conduct a thorough investigation.

If you receive an email from that account or other accounts that seem related to our studio, please let us know.

The only email accounts associated with Victory are the following:



Thank you.


Zoom Instructions

  1. Go to the app store and install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings

  2. Click “Join a Meeting

    1. Enter “7143371500” on Meeting ID

    2. Click “Join

    3. Enter "1234” on Password and click "Continue" 

  3. Click “Join with Computer Audio” or “Call using Internet Audio”  

  4. Mute yourself and turn video on



*Meeting ID: 7143371500

*Password: 1234

How to Keep Practicing Martial Arts at Home


Practicing martial arts at home is a challenge, but sometimes it’s your family’s only option. When you all can’t make it to the studio, you’ll have to find a way to practice at home. Setting up your own in-home studio is a great way to accomplish goals while you all wait for your next in-person session to begin. It’s also a good way to keep your kids active if they’re missing time at the studio. Here’s how to make the perfect studio and practice at home.

How To Practice Taekwondo At Home

Which Sparring Equipment Do I Need?

See if Your Studio Offers an Online Curriculum
3 Tips To Enhance Your Martial Arts Training At Home
4 Types of Tae Kwon-Do Strength Training Exercises
The Best Sports to Complement Your Martial Arts Training

How to Make a Home Gym on a Budget
How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home Dojo

Basement Studio? Check Out These Essential Tips


Making your own gym for Taekwondo is a good way to stay active. It takes a bit of planning to pick the perfect equipment and find the right space to set up a studio. But if you have unused space in your home and want to keep the family practicing martial arts, these resources offer a roadmap on how to get started.

Online Classes

Dear Victory Community,


Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate the fluid situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to concerns for the safety of our students and staff, we have closed our studios for the time being.


We have decided to move to ​ONLINE​ classes through ZOOM starting ​Monday, March 23rd​. Please check our NEW CLASS SCHEDULE on our social media and website. Also, students may take MORE THAN TWO ​classes per week! With everyone’s help, we can do it!  


The main purpose of this online training program is to keep the students physically active and healthy in a safe environment at home. For more information regarding the online class schedule and ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS, please visit our social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or visit our website: ​​ (check “News” heading).


Feel free to contact us at via phone: ​562-907-2700 or email:

Thank you again for all your support and stay safe!  


-Victory Taekwondo

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