Attention Parents

Training Schedule Update


Dear Victory Family,

After many discussions with the team, we have decided to combine our physical class with our virtual class. What this means is that students training via Zoom will be participating in the same class as the students who physically come. The reason for this decision is to ensure that all students receive the same quality of training and can take classes related to their belt levels. 


This transition will begin next week on July 13th (Monday). If you want to check the class schedule, please go to our website and click "COVID-19 Schedule" under the "Class Schedule" tab. Click the link below for the schedule. 


Thank you and stay safe!


Guideline & Liability Waiver


Dear Victory Family,


We are tremendously excited to have students come to class starting July 6th. During these past few months, we have developed a robust plan to optimize our students’ safety as we reopen our training facility. As a reminder, if you or your child wish to train at the studio, please email us at days before coming. If you do not email us, we will not save your seat for class.


First, we have a strict guideline that we expect all students and parents to follow. By collectively adhering to the rules, we not only protect ourselves, but also others. The guideline can be found by clicking the "Guideline Document" below. 


          Guideline Document


Second, we have a liability waiver that we need all parents to sign. Please print out, sign, and bring the waiver when you drop off your child at the studio. For those training virtually, you do not need to bring the waiver until you start coming to the training facility. The waiver can also be found by clicking the "Waiver Document" below.  


           Waiver Document 

Third, the training schedule for both physical and virtual can be found on our website.

Thank you and stay safe.​


Studio Photos


Below are photos of the studio. Each student will practice in their own square and there will be a glass wall for those who want to talk to staff.

In Need of Donations!


Dear Victory Family,


As we get closer to opening our studio on July 6th, we will continue to provide more updates.


First, we will be implementing another rule that parents can only drop off their children, but cannot stay inside the studio themselves. The reason for this is to create more space, which in turn will help optimize safety.


Second, we will be requiring students to apply hand sanitizer when they enter and leave the studio. Also, we will clean the studio between classes using bacterial wipes. Therefore, we are in great need of both hand sanitizers and bacterial wipes. Any donations of these items would be greatly appreciated and would contribute to our effort to maximize safety. If you would like to donate, you can drop them off at the studio.


Thank you and stay safe.




Studio Will Open July 6th!

Dear Victory Family,


I want to start by saying that I hope you and your family are safe and well. As you all know, the U.S. economy is slowly beginning to open up, which although is positive news, means that we must also exert more caution. In this message, I will outline how this affects the studio going forward.


Victory will open physically on July 6, 2020; however, that only applies to V1 (Whittier). V2 (La Mirada) will remain closed until further notice, but we will still be providing online classes and V2 students can also come to V1 to train. Two different time schedules for both physical class and virtual class have been posted below. 


There are three reasons for this decision. First, ever since the economy began reopening, there have been rising COVID-19 cases. If they continue to increase, a second wave could potentially hit our country. Therefore, I decided to minimize all contact training until there is a stronger indication that the coronavirus will recede. As the Grand Master of Victory Taekwondo, I prioritize my students’ safety above all else. Second, opening V1 before V2 will allow me to better supervise the classes to ensure that both staff and students strictly adhere to the safety procedures to minimize all contact. Opening both studios, however, would not be conducive to creating a training environment that maximizes safety. Finally, I made a rule that requires students to stay 10 feet away from each other. Physically, V2 is too small for students to be 10 feet apart and this would mean that less students can come train.


As mentioned earlier, V2 will remain closed until further notice, but V2 students can train via online classes or come to V1 to train.


To create an optimal training environment, I am instituting the following rules:


            1) Every student and staff must stay 10 feet apart

            2) Every student and staff must wear a mask while training

            3) Classes will be 30 minutes long

            4) No more than 20 students are allowed to train at V1

            5) A list of who is able to come at what time will determine which students can attend

    class (please send email to and write down what time

    and what day your child can come)


Victory Family. I am so grateful for and proud of you all for being so patient and enduring through these uncertain times. Every day I continue to be amazed by the solidarity and commitment of our community. I can’t wait to see you all when this is all over. Stay safe.

- Grand Master Kim

Online Curriculum #3 (

*Click the link OR the YouTube icon in the top and bottom corner of the page to watch the curriculum videos on YouTube.

How to Keep Practicing Martial Arts at Home


Practicing martial arts at home is a challenge, but sometimes it’s your family’s only option. When you all can’t make it to the studio, you’ll have to find a way to practice at home. Setting up your own in-home studio is a great way to accomplish goals while you all wait for your next in-person session to begin. It’s also a good way to keep your kids active if they’re missing time at the studio. Here’s how to make the perfect studio and practice at home.

How To Practice Taekwondo At Home

Which Sparring Equipment Do I Need?

See if Your Studio Offers an Online Curriculum
3 Tips To Enhance Your Martial Arts Training At Home
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How to Make a Home Gym on a Budget
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Basement Studio? Check Out These Essential Tips


Making your own gym for Taekwondo is a good way to stay active. It takes a bit of planning to pick the perfect equipment and find the right space to set up a studio. But if you have unused space in your home and want to keep the family practicing martial arts, these resources offer a roadmap on how to get started.

Zoom Instructions

  1. Go to the app store and install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings

  2. Click “Join a Meeting

    1. Enter “7143371500” on Meeting ID

    2. Click “Join

    3. Enter "1234” on Password and click "Continue" 

  3. Click “Join with Computer Audio” or “Call using Internet Audio”  

  4. Mute yourself and turn video on



*Meeting ID: 7143371500

*Password: 1234

Online Classes

Dear Victory Community,


Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate the fluid situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to concerns for the safety of our students and staff, we have closed our studios for the time being.


We have decided to move to ​ONLINE​ classes through ZOOM starting ​Monday, March 23rd​. Please check our NEW CLASS SCHEDULE on our social media and website. Also, students may take MORE THAN TWO ​classes per week! With everyone’s help, we can do it!  


The main purpose of this online training program is to keep the students physically active and healthy in a safe environment at home. For more information regarding the online class schedule and ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS, please visit our social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or visit our website: ​​ (check “News” heading).


Feel free to contact us at via phone: ​562-907-2700 or email:

Thank you again for all your support and stay safe!  


-Victory Taekwondo

First Week Re-Opening Photos

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