Extra Classes


Hey Victory Family!

We will start providing the following extra classes:

(1) Competition Team

(2) Demo Team

(3) Sparring Team

(4) Weapons Team

If you're interested in joining, you can sign up at the front desk!

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October Belt Testing Info


Hey everyone! Belt testing is coming up on October 27th and 28th, so make sure to review the schedule and curriculum! 


For first-time belt testers, please check out our FAQ page attached below!

Also, we'll start handing out belt testing applications today, so make sure to come to class to receive them! Good luck!

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Training Curriculum #12:

Covid-19 (Delta) Update


Hey victory family! Recently, the CDC has detected a new strand of Covid (aka Delta) and we felt that it was best to tighten safety measures so that we can create a safe environment for our students. We have spent 5 hours sanitizing/disinfecting the entire studio and adding 6 feet social distancing tape on the mat to ensure that our students are well-protected. Our students' health is our top priority and we will do everything that we possibly can to make sure they feel safe and protected!

Sparring Class Summer Program


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about the new upcoming sparring class during summer. It will be a 6-month program starting on July 9th (Fri.) from 4:30-5:10pm.


If you're interested in joining or want more info, please ask our front desk or give us a call at 562-907-2700! Thanks!

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California Opening Update - June 15


Governor Newsom recently announced the full re-opening of the economy effective June 15 (Tuesday). This transition is a testament to the exponential progress that we have made since COVID first plagued the US.


Despite the re-opening, we will not change the guideline that we have been asking our parents and students to follow. The main reason is that our top priority is you and your child's safety. We do not want to take the risk of you becoming exposed to COVID because we are a family and we care about your health/safety; nothing is more important than this.

Thank you everyone for being so respectable and considerate. We would not be here today without the collective effort of everyone at Victory. Let's continue to work together to create an optimal environment for our children to train!

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Fake Email Account


Dear Victory,


One of our parents contacted us saying that he/she received an email from "GMK1328@gmail.com," which contained inappropriate content. Needless to say, that email does not belong to Victory Taekwondo or Grand Master Kim.

We have reported this email account to Google and they will conduct a thorough investigation.

If you receive an email from that account or other accounts that seem related to our studio, please let us know.

The only email accounts associated with Victory are the following:

(1) victorytkdcenter@gmail.com
(2) victorytkdcenter12@gmail.com


Thank you.

Zoom Instructions

  1. Go to the app store and install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings

  2. Click “Join a Meeting

    1. Enter “7143371500” on Meeting ID

    2. Click “Join

    3. Enter "1234” on Password and click "Continue" 

  3. Click “Join with Computer Audio” or “Call using Internet Audio”  

  4. Mute yourself and turn video on



*Meeting ID: 7143371500

*Password: 1234

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